My Solds/Case Studies

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13 Albany Highway, Albany   
58 English Oak Dr, Albany        
52 Bass Road, Albany
93 Landing Dr, Albany    
29/22 Northcross Dr, Albany    
41a The Avenue, Albany    
41a The Avenue, Albany        
10 Twin Ct, The Avenue, Albany   
280 Wright Rd, Albany  

13 Bayswater Ave, Bayswater    
12 Marine Tce, Bayswater  

6 Eversleigh Rd, Belmont   

4/100 Birdale Rd, Birkdale 
56 Paragon Ave, Birkdale   

16 Tizard Rd, Birkenhead  
28A Tizard Rd, Brikenhead   

199 Browns Bay Rd, Browns Bay   
2/563 East Coast Rd, Browns Bay  
31 & 31a Helvetia Dr, Browns Bay   
34 Helvetia Dr, Browns Bay    
19 Orchard Rd, Browns Bay    

72 Aberdeen Rd, Campbells Bay    
154B Beach Rd, Campbells Bay 
268 Beach Rd, Campbells Bay  
294 Beach Rd, Campbells Bay  
9 Centennial Pl, Campbells Bay    
11 Centennial Pl, Campbells Bay     
6D Channel View Rd, Campbells Bay    
94 Kowhai Rd, Campbells Bay    
16a Red Bluff Rise, Campbells Bay  
4 The Esplanade, Campbells Bay  
4 The Esplanade, Campbells Bay   
9 Tree Fern Trail, Campbells Bay    
16 Tree Fern Trail, Campbells Bay      

59A Aberdeen Rd, Castor Bay  
130A Beach Rd, Castor Bay  
81 Braemar Rd, Castor Bay    
79B Castor Bay Rd, Castor Bay   
9 Chevron Pl, Castor Bay    
9a Eastcliffe Rd, Castor Bay    
9a Eastcliffe Rd, Castor Bay    
11c Eastcliffe Rd, Castor Bay 
12a Eastcliffe Rd, Castor Bay 
31 Eastcliffe Rd, Castor Bay   
1/14 Marama St, Castor Bay    
32 Peter Tce, Castor Bay   

36 Coatesville Riverhead Hwy, Coatesville    
36 Coatesville Riverhead Hwy, Coatesville     
96 Mahoenui Valley Rd, Coatesville    
5C The Promenade, 230 Ridge Rd, Coatesville    

54 Bawden Rd, Dairy Flat    
66 Bawden Rd, Dairy Flat    
Lot 11 Bawden Rd, Dairy Flat   
40 Blackbridge Rd, Dairy Flat    
62 Blackbridge Rd, Dairy Flat   
12 Durey Rd, Dairy Flat  
1897 East Coast Rd, Dairy Flat   
78 Kingscliff Rise, Dairy Flat            
18 Langford Pl, Dairy Flat   
301 Postman Rd, Dairy Flat  
301 Postman Rd, Dairy Flat    
17 Tutu Pl, Dairy Flat   

57b Epsom Ave, Epsom    

2 Catalina Crs, Forrest Hill  
31 Selwyn Crs, Forrest Hill  
12 Woodstock Rd, Forrest Hill    
19A William Souter St, Forrest Hill    

18 Admirals Ct, Greenhithe  
8 Ashurst Ln, Greenhithe   
5 Awatahi Pl, Greenhithe   
7 Awatahi Pl, Greenhithe   
5 Almond Gr, Greenhithe  
5 Almond Gr, Greenhithe     
12 Almond Gr, Greenhithe   
15 Almond Gr, Greenhithe  
29 Almond Gr, Greenhithe   
4 Archer Rayner Pl, Greenhithe 
22 Churchouse Rd, Greenhithe   
37 Churchouse Rd, Greenhithe    
59a Churchouse Rd, Greenhithe    
33 Dressage Ln, Greenhithe    
70 George Deane Pl, Greenhithe    
8 Greenbough Ln, Greenhithe      
7a Greenhithe Rd, Greenhithe   
7b Greenhithe Rd, Greenhithe      
53a Greenhithe Rd, Greenhithe      
181c Greenhithe Rd, Greenhithe    
190a Greenhithe Rd, Greenhithe  
45 Isobel Rd, Greenhithe   
23 Kingfisher Gr, Greenhithe   
29 Kingfisher Gr, Greenhithe  
7 Manon Crs, Greenhithe   
15 Manon Crs, Greenhithe     
19 Marae Rd, Greenhithe   
1 Monkton Cl, Greenhithe 
5 Monkton Cl, Greenhithe
7 & 7a Monkton Cl, Greenhithe     
20a Oakford Park, Greenhithe   
7b Olwyn Pl, Greenhithe    
9 Olwyn Pl, Greenhithe      
9a Olwyn Pl, Greenhithe   
4 Outlook Rd, Greenhithe     
7 Outlook Rd, Greenhithe       
7 Outlook Rd, Greenhithe   
14 Oscar Rd, Greenhithe  
14 Oscar Rd, Greenhithe    
14 Oscar Rd, Greenhithe              
11 Pitoitoi Ave, Greenhithe    
23 Pitoitoi Ave, Greenhithe   
12a Pounamu Ave, Greenhithe     
12 Rame Rd, Greenhithe 
73 Rame Rd, Greenhithe    
8 Rimu Pl, Greenhithe    
3 Roland Rd, Greenhithe 
3 Roland Rd, Greenhithe 
32 Roland Rd, Greenhithe    
49B Roland Rd, Greenhithe    
62 Roland Rd, Greenhithe   
72 Roland Rd, Greenhithe         
90 Roland Rd, Greenhithe  
2 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe   
29 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe   
45 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe     
82 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe      
82 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe     
109 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe 
119 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe 
3 Thomas Hunter Ln, Greenhithe      
5 Thomas Hunter Ln, Greenhithe   
8 Thomas Hunter Ln, Greenhithe    
11 Thomas Hunter Ln, Greenhithe      
11 Thomas Hunter Ln, Greenhithe    
299 Upper Harbour Dr, Greenhithe  
8 Viridian Ln, Greenhithe    
12A Wainoni Heights, Greenhithe    
12A Wainoni Heights, Greenhithe        
12B Wainoni Heights, Greenhithe      
35 Waipuia Pl, Greenhithe   
63 Waipuia Pl, Greenhithe    
77 Waipuia Pl, Greenhithe    
41B Wicklam Ln, Greenhithe    

B105 525 East Coast Rd, Gulf Harbour  

2 Duncan Rise, Herald Island    

356b Beach Rd, Mairangi Bay    
15B Brighton Tce, Mairangi Bay    
3a Centorian Dr, Mairangi Bay 
305 East Coast Rd, Mairangi Bay    
52 Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay   
2 Honeysuckle Ln, Mairangi Bay      
6 Jutland St, Mairangi Bay   
25a Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay  
22 Honeysuckle Ln, Mairangi Bay  
113C Kowhai Rd, Mairangi Bay    
131C Kowhai Rd, Mairangi Bay   
78c Matipo Rd, Mairangi Bay    
2/30 Newhaven Tce, Mairangi Bay    
11 Noumea Pl, Mairangi Bay
11 St Ives Tce, Mairangi Bay    
266a Sunset Rd, Mairangi Bay    
1a Whitby Crs, Mairangi Bay 
36a Whitby Crs, Mairangi Bay  
48 Whitby Crs, Mairangi Bay         

1/17a Frieston Rd, Milford 
2/17a Frieston Rd, Milford    
9 Otakau Rd, Milford   
18 Otakau Rd, Milford  
20a Otakau Rd, Milford    
3a Prospect Tce, Milford    
25b Prospect Tce, Milford  
37c Prospect Tce, Milford    
35 Selwyn Crs, Milford   
10 Waterloo Rd, Milford 
17 Wolsley Ave, Milford  
45b Wosley Ave, Milford    

434 Beach Rd, Murrays Bay  
45 Bellbird Rise, Murrays Bay    
170 Browns Bay Rd, Murrays Bay  
4a Folkestone St, Murrays Bay   
6 Lyons Ave, Murrays Bay    
23 Montana Ave, Murrays Bay  
25 Montana Ave, Murrays Bay  
25a Penguin Dr, Murrays Bay   
77 Penguin Dr, Murrays Bay  
4 Seaford Pl, Murrays Bay   

52 Rautahi Tce, Okura  


140 Attwood Rd, Paremoremo  

574 Beach Rd, Rothesay Bay    

16 Kittiwake Dr, Schnapper Rock    
139 Schnapper Rock Rd, Schnapper Rock    
25 Schopolo Pl, Schnapper Rock     

8 Jackson Way, Stillwater   
80c Lennon Access Rd, Stillwater    

12 Campbell Rd, Takapuna   
3/7 Fifeshire St, Takapuna  
54 Karaka St, Takapuna   
16 Lomond St, Takapuna      
1/8 Ngaio St, Takapuna  

182 Glamorgan Dr, Torbay    
9 Marama St, Torbay    
44 Rewi ST, Torbay  
3c Tainui St, Torbay       
12 Wairere Rd, Torbay

1 Carl Pl, Unsworth Heights   

31 Brigham Creek Rd, Whenuapai    

44 Lagoon Way, West Harbour